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British Telecom to let go 13,000 workers, hire 6,000 new ones

vendredi, 11 mai, 2018 - 16:56

Par  Dave Uwakwe

Britain’s telecom operator BT announced on Thursday that it will liquidate some 13,000 administrative and middle management jobs, while at the same time creating around 6,000 technical and customer-facing jobs, to support the development of its fiber networks and 5G mobile telephony.

The three-year job-killing plan aims to « simplify BT’s business model, » the group said in a statement. The telecom operator intends to reduce its costs by 1.5 billion pounds (1.7 billion euros) in three years. But it does not specify in which countries the job losses will be occur, although it is expected that of the 63 countries where BT operates, the United Kingdom will bear the brunt of the losses.

BT, which has 106,400 employees worldwide, including 82,800 in the UK, already announced the abolition of 4,000 jobs worldwide after the difficult financial year of 2016-2017, which was marked by a bruising accounting scandal in Italy.

Among the measures announced on Thursday by the general manager, Gavin Patterson, is the concentration « on thirty strategic sites to create a more collaborative and open culture with our customers, to reduce the inefficiency associated with our dissemination on many sites in the United Kingdom. » In this context, the group announced the relocation of its headquarters in the heart of the City of London.

The announcement of this reorganisation coincides with the publication of report showing that turnover was down 3 percent to 5.967 billion pounds in the fourth quarter of the group’s fiscal year, a result slightly below analysts’ expectations.

At the opening of the stock market in London on Thursday, shares of the BT group was down by some 7 percent.


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